If you root yourself

in love

and kindness,

your heart will always bloom.

-Alexandra Vasiliu

Welcome to our blog Taking Root. This is a space for you to dive deeper into all that we are committed to here at Superbloom. You’ll get inside looks at our storytelling & filmmaking approaches, as well as in depth interviews with the subjects of our films and the organizations & communities we partner with as we endeavor to inspire and mobilize people to take action. You’ll also have the opportunity to view behind the scenes short films, and even tips & tricks for filmmakers. Please join us in the ever forming community of changemakers, storytellers, and wisdom holders that connect and guide us all into a better world.

02 Feb: Behind-the-Scenes: Jam Young & Pike on set of ‘Find My Happiness’ music video

Jam Young, “Music is my happiness and I probably spend too much time and invest too much of my heart and love in it but I live, breathe, pour music out of my body. I used to be scared to show it but now I’m not.” …

24 Jan: A Case For Defining Your Purpose

It’s a natural reflection to consider the question, “What is the purpose of your life?” It is perhaps one of the greatest questions shared by all human beings across history. It’s a question that can elicit inspiration and excitement, and on the other side of the coin, can trigger existential dread…

09 Nov: Interview with the lovely Tara Rynders, Founder of The Clinic

Resiliency Moments is the virtual extension of You & Me, an immersive theater performance that was originally created in all the rooms of my house with one-on-one performances with one artist and one guest at a time…

02 Nov: Hello World, Superbloom here…

We’ve all felt the unyielding pressure of the times over the last year and a half plus. A time that has dragged on forever, yet simultaneously feels like it’s passed in the blink of an eye. We’ve witnessed seismic shifts in our culture, our communities, and shifts within ourselves…