Full-Service Video Production

At Superbloom, our highest aspiration is to create premium, cinematic and engaging digital stories that turn on a light in the viewer. We believe whole-heartedly, in the power of storytelling to help organizations unite an audience around a cause, an idea, a technology, a calling, whatever it is that propels positive change in the world.

For our clients, it brings us great joy to create film projects and campaigns that are effective tools for advancing their organizational impact goals and mission, while bringing awareness to our collective values. We approach each and every project with attentiveness and care. From the germinating of an idea, to the coordination, planning, production and post, we nurture our projects every step of the way, all while holding true to our clients original objectives. 

What really differentiates Superbloom is that we marry creative storytelling, with heart, intention and a level of vulnerability that makes our films connect with viewers in a way that’s honest and true. The results? Films that have the potential to foster a genuine connection with target audiences that’s built on shared beliefs and trust.


  • Full-service Video Production Company Based in Denver, CO
  • Industry Focus; Purpose-Driven Organizations, Social & Environmental Impact, Sustainable Products & Lifestyle, and Technology & Innovation
  • Available for projects worldwide


Digital Stories & Branded Content

The modern landscape for commercial, video content is constantly evolving, morphing and shifting– And the subtlety of these shifts are happening as rapidly as consumer-audience’s tastes, needs and the ways they engage are changing. With Superbloom brand-content often lying at the crossroads of marketing and entertainment, we have developed a fundamental understanding of what makes a changemaker audience tick, and have a deep knowledge of the nuance between current trends and timeless storytelling. We understand and will guide you on which formats and platforms are ideal on a case-by-case basis, and produce a variety of types of video content that are customized to fit your individual, brand needs and marketing goals.

  • Pre-Production; Creative Development, Scripting, Storyboarding, Location Research & Scout, Casting, Talent & Crew Coordination, Shot List Development, Props, Wardrobe, Permitting, Production Schedule Management
  • Production; Production, Shot List & Crew Management, Creative Direction, Interview Producing, Camera Operation, Audio Recording, Grip & Lighting. 
  • Post-Production; Media Management, Story Producing, Non-Linear Editing, Animated Titles & Graphics, Custom 2D & 3D Animation, Color Correction, Audio Mastering, Distribution Consulting & Management.


Films & Series

Documentaries have the unique ability to connect with the human spirit– To burrow into the heart of the matter and cinematically weave the fabric that unites us all through the power of story. They create culture. And culture is what leads to change. Doc-films are also a powerful tool to educate, to spread awareness and rally a movement that inspires systemic change. They create focal points to help an audience see the story within an issue in a new way, and all of us need to start seeing the global challenges in front of us in a new way. At Superbloom, we specialize in crafting stories of impact. These stories take on a number of forms and serve different purposes, but in the end they all are created to stir the soul of the viewer and move an audience to action.

  • Research, issue mapping, identifying & onboarding film subjects, pitching, fundraising (if applicable)
  • Full-service pre-through-post production  offerings 
  • Distribution strategy, marketing, communications planning, release and execution.


Grassroots, Omni-Channel Activations

One of our core beliefs at Superbloom in which everything is built upon, is that great storytelling can inspire change. But we also believe that a grassroots campaign designed to catalyze action around a film, is fertile ground for these seismic shifts to happen. We believe that a strategically designed, impact campaign has the ability to actualize a film’s full potential for change. We begin with creating a custom, campaign plan based on a film’s unique narrative and issue map. Then we architect the partnerships among the various stakeholders and influencers needed to activate the community around a film for maximized reach. For each project, we execute a multi-pronged approach to produce the assets, content and events both online and in the real world to create hot spots for activations. And along the way, we track impact data to provide an evaluation at campaigns end to measure success.

  • Devising Strategy & Objectives
  • Budgeting & Fundraising (if applicable)
  • Partnership Cultivation & Braintrust Facilitation
  • Community Organizing & Activation around Call-to-Action
  • Digital content production & distribution
  • Planning events & screening campaigns
  • Toolkits & Film Guide Creation 
  • Publicity, Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Impact Data Measurement & Evaluation