Tara Wild

Client: Tara Wild

Tara Wild is a multi-faceted creatress that channels her message through music, writing, visual storytelling and spoken word. She has cultivated an online platform and sisterhood that is on a journey to reclaim the ways of the wild women through Celtic tradition; to heal, to remember, to explore, to learn from the the stories that brings us in close contact with ancient feminine wisdom, ways of life and earth magic.

By virtue of sacred ritual and ceremony, Tara creates a bridge to connect the modern 21st century woman to the wisdom of the ancestors, and to integrate it so that we can create a better world as “Wise Women” today. Through an intimate visioning and co-creation process, we were able to support the production of this cinematic music video for her title track “I Am”. Lyrics inspired by the Irish poem, The Song of Amergin.